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Welcome to SKLTN, an apparel company dedicated to action sports athletes. As the seasons change (or weather for that matter) so does our focus and our product line – wake, snow, kite, surf, and motorsports. After years of testing and private use, we are now offering our products in limited quantities. Our clothing is technically functional with style.
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SKLTN was established to meet the needs of the action sports generation. This generation is made up of riders, skiers, wake boarders, surfers, kite boarders, and racers. These athletes crave competition (just as much with oneself) and have an insatiable appetite for adrenaline, speed, and airtime. They are explorers and pioneers. Intrigued by challenge and fear - more so in how they respond to it both physically and mentally. They respect Mother Nature while embracing her power. As with the natural cycle their sports change with the seasons. They are incessantly glued to weather sites constantly evaluating the conditions and forecasting what is to come. While the thrill and exhilaration is what they seek they also share an appreciation for the true essence of their sport and lifestyle. A sunrise while a light fog slowly clears revealing the pure glass lying beneath it as the ballast tanks fill. The silence you get sitting deep in the trees only on a powder day. Watching, late in the day, as the sun illuminates a distant ridgeline while you sit above the fresh line you scouted from below. The excitement and anticipation you feel as you check and recheck the weather conditions from multiple sites all forecasting steady 20+ mph winds for the next 3 days. The alone time in the ocean you get between sets in a lineup of few. This is the essence of the action sports generation and the basis of SKLTN.
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