Bobby Greene
Founder and Owner

Established in 2010, SKLTN has been a true labor of love. When you are passionate about what you are doing and doing it for the right reasons you will never work a day in your life.  Be safe.

SKLTN owns and operates Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company which offers paddle boarding lessons, SUP yoga and tours. It is here that we interface with beginner to advanced paddlers enabling us to understand first hand the specific needs of the stand up paddle boarder and surfer. It is also our vehicle to develop and rigorously test our products and the ones we promote. Come paddle with us. 

At SKLTN we believe each of us has an obligation to take care of the world around us. There are many ways one can get involved in protecting the environment. In addition to our local efforts (e.g., beach clean-ups) we make an annual contribution to an environmental advocacy organization. This year we chose the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Our decision to donate to UCS was not made lightly. In addition to being one of the highest rated charity organizations in the world, the primary reasons we chose the UCS include its proven track record of sustained results and its methodology. 

Ultimately, we view UCS as an organization not focused on the symptoms of the problem but on the root causes. The UCS uses the scientific method to develop and implement innovative and practical solutions to many of the world’s problems. This science and evidence based approach utilizes the peer review process including a consensus of experts from a variety of fields. It is intended to produce unbiased (relatively speaking) and unemotional work product making it one of the most respected voices in environmental advocacy. USC’s work on environmental protection focuses on clean energy solutions, global warming, and sustainable food production. UCS’s testimony has been instrumental in several pieces of important green legislation. Click here if you would like to learn more.